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October 14, 2012 / realelohell

My End of Season 2 Goal.

On Sept 12th, Riot announced the end of the season as well as the end of season rewards.  At the time I was 2200 Elo (having been around there for a while).  While the prospect of achieving 2500 Elo (and obtaining some pointless icon for it) seemed daunting, I decided that I would give it a try.  After all, I had almost 6 weeks to gain 300 elo (only 7 elo a day!), how hard could it be?  Despite the fact that I had never even been able to achieve a high of 2300 Elo, I gave it the old school try.

When the end of September loomed and I had still not hit 2300 (I had been hovering around 2190 to 2220), I almost gave up my goal.  But one fateful day (Sept 23rd), I jumped straight from 2227 to 2306.  In one day I had accomplished something that I had not been able to do for weeks.  Although I quickly lost my 2300 rating and went back to around 2250 for the next week or so, I gained the confidence to move forward with my goal.

Then, in the second week of October, after I managed to regain my 2300 Elo rating, I had an almost surreal winning spree that culminated with the achievement of my goal with almost two weeks remaining.  In THREE DAYS I gained almost 200 Elo.


My goal progression.

Now you might be thinking, “That’s all well and good for this guy, but how does this apply to me?

Well, ask yourself what I did differently in these two weeks that I wasn’t able to (or didn’t) do previously?  I play roughly the same champions that I used to play anyways, so it didn’t have much to do with that.  I also play in roughly the same style (on said champions) that I did before, so it probably wasn’t that either.

What did I do differently that prompted such a massive and sudden change?

What happened was that I had forgotten the cardinal rule of carrying solo queue games: You have to be significantly better at whatever you are playing than the opposing team.  Without a significant edge in skill at whatever role you’re playing, it is impossible to obtain the advantages that you need to obtain in order to easily and effectively win a decent percentage of your games.  Obviously luck plays a factor and some games you won’t be able to carry, but I wasn’t even carrying a lot of games that I was supposed to.

If you aren’t capable of significantly outplaying your opponents on a consistent basis, you can’t rise in Elo.  There are no shortcuts.  You can specialize in one role/champ, buy 30 wards a game, and be the most positive person this side of Mr. Rogers, and it will all help, but the only true shortcut to a higher rating is consistently outplaying your opponents.

My Elo had plateaued at around 2200 because, simply put, I was (overall) a 2200 player.  At that point I had tried to do too much.  I was playing every role and not achieving the same success or consistency with all of them.

For example, my ad carry and support ability was (and still is) significantly worse than my other roles.  I had always tried to gain Elo by playing the different roles relatively equally (though I would rarely support unless given no other choice), and this method worked up to a point.

But once I reached 2200, I was not able to consistently outplay people anymore (at certain roles) because they simply had better mechanics and understanding of said roles, champions and match-ups.  Once I realized that I was doing something wrong (by playing too many roles and not having a “main role” at a point where I really should have), I decided to focus mainly on jungling (as I was already doing a lot of it previously), and that prompted my almost overnight rise in solo queue.

It always frustrates me whenever people ask me questions like, “what champion do you think is best to carry with for X role?”  Unless you’re above a certain rating (probably around mid-gold to platinum), it literally does not matter what champion you play as long as your understanding of your role and your mechanics with that champion are superior to your opponents.  It doesn’t matter if you play only under-powered champions, only 1 champion,  only 1 role, or every champion, overpowered champions and every role.  If you can consistently outplay your opponents for a majority of your games, you will gain rating.

I had forgotten the golden rule of carrying solo queue games, and struggled in vain for a while before finally learning from my mistake.  I hope this lesson can provide some motivation, hope or insight to others who are trying to improve their own game.

Good luck in achieving your end of season goal/s.



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  1. YOLO BAYLIFERSON / Oct 15 2012 1:02 pm

    It was my goal ever since I exited my mother’s womb to reach 2500 elo

  2. eaglehound / Oct 28 2012 11:57 pm

    Was your goal to also make me sad by streaming less and less? 😥

    • realelohell / Oct 29 2012 1:20 am

      I’m over 2700 elo now. I spend twice as much time waiting in queue than in game (can’t exactly stream that). I will be streaming more soon.

  3. jdubincident / Nov 1 2012 10:08 am

    Your article series is outstanding. While I don’t have an end of Season 2 goal, my goal for Season 3 is 1650. Thanks for all the effort you put in on these!

  4. 1wheel / Nov 5 2012 1:07 pm

    Wow, you ended the season over a 1000 above me, congrats!

    I’ve stopped playing lol, but I still browse the reddit some – you’re being talked about

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